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Kristallipääkalloa etsimässä - The Inka Joneses

Kuvapainotteista pukkaa - More pictures than words this time!

Tambo Machay in the country of the Ruins.

What it really was... A ripoff for tourists! Thankfully we ended up in the nearby village.

The incas always used natures own rock formations and did not break them for Mother Earth was (and is?) sacred.

Cusco city just before dusk.

Sacred Valley tour. More markets..

Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Pisac ruins. Where the ruins got interesting and air got thin.

Inca graveyard. Each hole is a grave robbed by goldhungry europeans.

Locate the man with a pose.

Pisac continued.

View from the top of Pisac.

Samuel got tired.


Ruins and people. Stairs up were loooong.

Easier poser to locate.

Inca terraces for farming.

You know what this place is. At dawn.


Sadly it was a cloudy and rainy day.

Yeah there's plenty of these pics. Machu Picchu is just so amazing.

We hiked a bit of the Inca Trail..

To see the Inca Bridge!

On the trail.


Terraces @ MP.

Temple of some sort.

Our guide. He had a good routine.

Inside MP.

Watering systems still up and running.

They knew the sky. Rocks resembles the Southern Cross and it points directly south.

Temple of the Condor. One od the three sacred animals. (Puma and serpent the other two)

Ok this is it for MP.

My thoughts exactly.

The whole continent is full of these roadside altars.

Perfect, amazing Inca architecture in Cusco. The Temple of the Sun.

Of course the temple was ruined by the spaniards, but there's still some cool stuff left.

Inca wall and non-inca wall.

This used to be an artificial garden with trees, plants, fruits, flowers and animals made from gold and silver. Live size. Imagine that!

According to one script, the space between the stones in this floor was filled with gold.

They hid the inca structures for centuries.

The never used any mortar (sementti, that is) between the stones. All the stones are hand made with a pickaxe. Here the hacker had made a mistake and edge of the stone was chopped off. His solution? Make a perfect patch piece with a smaller pickaxe. It was about the size of a dice.

Inca street.

Fenno-peruvian encounter.

Marco! There are no words to describe our gratitude for this fine gentleman here who was our personal guide for that morning. Been in the business for 34 years and still going strong. Marco, we salute you! And the story how we met for the first time is a whole other one..

The real Inca. King of the Quechuas.

Goodbyes to Cusco. Plenty of reasons to come back!

Location:Sacred Valley of the Incas

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