perjantai 17. helmikuuta 2012

Don´t Believe the Hype

Backbackers´ guide to Mendoza:

Arrive in the evening. Book your ticket out of there for the very next day but make sure the bus leaves the next evening. Go to a hostel that is not Hostel Campo Base. Drop your stuff there and go and have a big steak with red wine from Mendoza. Wake up next morning happy and relaxed (unless you booked at Hostel Campo Base).

Go to Rioja street and take the bus 171, 172 or 173 to Maipu. Get off at Maipu Bikes bike rentals (they seemed to have the best package and price). Get on the bike and follow the Treasure Map they give you that will lead you to loot one winery after another, with some olive oil and chocolate factories in the middle. Of course you need to pay a small fee of 5-15 USD to do the looting. Wineries close at 6 p.m., leave with the same bus and hop on a night bus that will take you somewhere else where you can actually enjoy and see unique things without needing to pay excessive amounts of money. Enjoy Mendoza!

For the record: We are now in La Caldera, near Salta acting as two very ugly looking Finnish-speaking au pairs. Well not that ugly anymore since we had another visit to the barber shop and got haircuts. Viljami got also a moustache-cut. (I can hear you gasping all the way to Argentina)

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